We are a Pop & Pop Shop Specializing in Mid-Century Furniture & Accessories

Longtime Friends
& Business Partners

Blake Macaluso &
Dan Reeves

We’re those forever friends who have now become business partners and the creative directors for Mid Century Store. We rescue and sell iconic items of the 50s, 60s and 70s. All our focus goes into creating a showroom experience, displaying a broad spectrum of the mid-century.

Our hearts are put into the job of being pundits of the stories told by the furnishings we sell. This also allows us to approach our business with an attention to social responsibility and community awareness. And, it gives us a unique opportunity for fulfilling our need to be tenaciously customer centric.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Blake: pop-vintage specialist and in-house connoisseur of those desirable, distinct designers. Pursuer of the key aesthetic. Filmmaker and cinema fan.

Dan: clean-line design aficionado of the Bauhaus and onward. An enthusiast for the well-manufactured furnishing. Sculptor who loves the interactive. Trend knower of then and now.

We’ve been in the same urban location in easy-to-find Hillcrest for over 33 years offering our eclectic finds, plenty of coffee conversation and dangling product tags. Our ongoing 15 year conversation with founding owner Jeff Spence led to buying the store when he retired in late 2014; bringing our renewed energy to the 3700 block of Park Blvd.

Our Re-homing Philosophy

Finally, we believe that buying vintage is a great way to shrink your consumer footprint. By reusing furniture and accessories that have already enjoyed a full domestic life, you are Reducing the resources that are used to create new furniture. They’ve lasted this long attesting to their quality and if cared for should outlive us all.

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