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Lucite & Acrylic Scratch Care

by Dan Reeves


Dorothy Thorpe, Vladimir Kagan and Christian Dior all knew the joys of designing with the moldable, crystal-like material Lucite and the woes of acrylic scratch care. Lucite is the popular trade name for an acrylic product developed in the 30’s by DuPont. Known for its clarity and scratch resistance Lucite is synonymous with quality. Lucite design was a hallmark of the space age designs of the 1950s and it’s fluid designs were influential throughout the rest of the century. As with most “new” materials war and art learned from each other, according to Circa Who Furniture:

“Acrylic was used in construction of war materials in the 1940s and flourished in fashion jewelry and handbag designs in the 1940s and 50s. While there were some early designs in furniture and accessories, acrylic became extremely popular in the 1960s and 70s.” -Circa Who Furniture

A name often used in contrast to generic “low-grade” Acrylic, Lucite is itself an acrylic poly and can be cleaned in the same fashion as other acrylics. Novus Inc. has developed a complete 3-step scratch removal and polishing system. Depending on the age of your acrylic treasure you may have deep scratches and lines in addition to simple dirt or grime. This system starts with a more abrasive solution that helps remove all but the deepest gouges. Followed up with a polisher and a cleaning agent, you can get those Lucite gems glittering again!

Novis acrylic care system

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